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Electrolab was founded in 1976 in San Antonio, Texas, by Karl Senghaas, a German-born electrical engineer and NASA scientist. Karl had a penchant for inventing and a mind for designing electronics. He was often referred to as the "Einstein of San Antonio" for his unrelenting desire to find creative solutions to his clients' problems.

Karl Senghaas

Throughout his 30 years at the helm of Electrolab, Karl instilled the discipline for quality and customer service that Electrolab is known for today. He partnered with companies such as IMI Cornelius on portion controllers for the soft-drink industry, various Fast-food companies on temperature controllers for restaurant fryers, the Edwards Aquifer Authority and Alamo Water on various rain gauges, reverse osmosis controllers, and other controls for water management, and Siemens Energy on Level Sensors and Mobile Level Sensors for the Oil & Gas Industry.

In 2007, at the age of 85, Karl sold Electrolab to a privately held company. The new company's investments in infrastructure, equipment, product design, and engineering expertise helped triple Electrolab sales within 5 years. In October of 2013, Electrolab products, which had been sold exclusively through Siemens Energy, were offered directly to distributors, integrators, and service partners through Electrolab's Channel Sales Distribution network.

In 2015, Electrolab moved into a new 32,000 s.f. facility to increase production and prepare to build Electrolab's next-generation products. The company continues to focus on engineering, designing and manufacturing sensors, controllers, and industrial electronics. Electrolab is committed to providing our partners with innovative, high-quality, reliable products to help ensure their offerings and applications are successful and will continue to forge relationships with market-leading companies to constantly improve products and provide solutions that our customers need and want.

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