Vector Success Story – Level Accuracy

"Recently, a systems integration customer in New Mexico who specializes in oil pad automation, monitoring and hosting, started experiencing issues with their hydrostatic level for tank batteries - crude, water, and gun barrel tanks. The weight of the product was causing fluctuations in measurement readings, overflows, and loss of accuracy. Two of our top salesmen in West Texas and New Mexico were able to provide a Digital Level Sensor solution. The Electrolab, Inc. Digital Level Sensor provides the measurement of fluid levels within a tank. Adding a single control unit allowed the customer to have continuous monitoring of their tank batteries. In addition to Vector’s involvement in the project, Electrolab was extremely helpful in assisting with the application. Their representative came out to New Mexico twice to visit the customer on-site. As a result, the customer was extremely pleased with the service and value Vector, our partners, and Electrolab, Inc., were able to provide and the project was finalized with the purchase of twenty 16ft DLS sticks and five 20ft DLS sticks. The partnership-type relationship with the customer and Electrolab, Inc. is one of many reasons why Vector is consistently able to provide high-level, total solutions." -- Vector Controls & Automation Group, The Value of Partnering

"This note is to let you and your people know how pleased we are with your level sensors. We have over 100 of them in the field and are still adding to the list every month. We have never had a failure in the several years we have used this product. I wish I could say that about all of our instruments. Thanks for such a fine and dependable product." -- John Simon Master Electrician, Yates Petroleum Corporation

'Superior Optimization provides automation, measurement, and instrumentation services, communication systems, electrical design and service to our customers in the oil and gas industry. Our customers demand products that are consistently reliable, dependable, reasonably priced, easy to use and maintain and backed by excellent customer service and support. Over the years, Electrolab’s Digital Level Sensor products have met our customer’s demands and that’s why Superior highly recommends these products. Electrolab’s new Anti-Paraffin Treatment for preventing paraffin buildup on steel instrumentation is receiving great reviews and is a welcomed addition to an already great product line.

Superior Optimization is proud to partner with Electrolab, Inc.' -- Kirk Mehaffey, President / Superior Optimization

Electrolab's Digital Level Sensor Offers Quality and Reliability

Quality and Reliability...These are the words Larry Erban, Service Manager of Midtex Oil, a wholesale petroleum products supplier in New Braunfels, Texas, used to describe Electrolab's Digital Level Sensor (DLS) product. Still using sensors installed in 1999 to monitor his key customers' petroleum tanks throughout San Antonio and New Braunfels, Larry couldn't be more pleased with their performance. Midtex uses the DLS to determine, even before customers know, when tank levels are low and tops them off as required--practically unnoticed. Midtex customers benefit because they never run low and Midtex benefits by being able to plan scheduled deliveries and truck routes to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

"The DLS is low maintenance, and once installed never needs to be recalibrated. It measures up to two different fluid densities and up to eight temperatures on a single sensor, and isn't affected by temperature changes", said Erban. "We have it set to report tank levels back to us on a pre-set schedule." A deceptively simple looking device with a minimal number of connections and wires, Electrolab's DLS system can poll up to 32 tank levels, using wireless or hardwired communications, calculate how much product is left in a tank, and report back to Midtex. This enables Midtex to gain efficiencies and bring only the required fuel to a customer site. The system, which has two separate floats weighted for two different gravities of fluids, also calculates the amount of water in a tank. Since the volume of lube varies according to temperature and since accurate volumes are important for custody transfer, Midtex has programmed their SCADA system to automatically calculate and correct for the volume of oil according to the current temperature transmitted from the DLS.

Diesel tank sizes at the truck and quarry sites that Midtex services range from 2,000 to 10,000 gallons. One customer used 750,000 gallons of diesel last year. A busy construction site will go through a 10,000-gallon tank of diesel every two to three days, says Erban. With that kind of demand for fuel, somebody had better be watching those tank levels. For our customers connected via DLS, we can determine how much product to deliver, we can tell what the product costs us, what it will cost the customer, how much they will get, and how much we’ll have left in the truck.

Note: This customer uses Electrolab's Digital Level Sensors along with our InSense Fluid Management software.

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