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CR-100 Rain Gauge

CR-100 Rain Gauge

Categories: Rain Gauges

Electrolab Rain Gauges are designed not only to monitor and transmit readings regarding levels of precipitation, but to communicate alerts of potentially hazardous conditions.

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Designed for municipal and meteorological reporting applications, the Model CR-100 Rain Gauge accurately measures rainfalls from 0.01 inch to ten inches per hour.

The high accuracy measurement capabilities and potential for feature add-ons makes the CR-100 Rain Gauge an instrument suitable to:

  • Municipalities, radio and TV weather stations that need to report accurate rainfall measurements to others
  • Emergency service and response agencies that need to predict potential flooding conditions
  • Recreational companies that need to predict river flow problems
  • Farming businesses that need to accurately determine field irrigation needs


  • Generates one 0.05 second switch closure per 0.01" rain
  • Accurate to 10" per hour.
  • +/- 1 count per inch of rain


  • 17” high x 10” wide x 4" in deep polycarbonate NEMA 4 enclosure


  • 0.01", accuracy 1% below 4" per hour
  • 2% above 4" per hour


  • By special solenoid. Assures non-clogging fast flow.
  • Programmed to automatically self dump for 4 seconds every 23 steps
  • Accepts command to dump from an RTU
  • Manually dumps by push-button.


  • Requires 12V DC battery
  • Solenoid draws a maximum of 4 amps from 12V battery to dump
  • Control draws <40mA

Operates independently for external readouts or can feed pulses to an external terminal.

Intended for reasonably pure rain water, under 100 micro-ohms. Heavy mineral content should be avoided.