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D80 Performance Gateway

D80 Performance Gateway

Categories: Gateways

Electrolab's D80 Performance Gateway works together with Electrolab D99 Nodes to form a robust, easily configured wireless communications network to connect your oil field instrumentation. Create point-to-multi point networks that distribute I/O over large areas. The D80 Performance Gateway offers four selectable discrete inputs, four discrete sourcing outputs, two universal analog inputs, and two 0 to 20 mA analog outputs.

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology and Time Division Multiple Access control ensure reliable data delivery. Transceivers provide bidirectional communication between the Gateway and Node, including fully acknowledged data transmission. Lost RF links are detected and relevant outputs set to user-defined conditions.

The D80 Performance Gateway works with the Electrolab D99 Nodes and can communicate with up to 47 remote nodes.

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The D80 Performance Gateway (SKU: ELD99-080-P2C) is a 1 watt, 900 Mz gateway that offers a Modbus serial interface and ease of field-level configuration via switches on the gateway itself.

The Gateway makes it easy to set up a wireless network.

  1. Configure the devices to speak to one another using the switches on the devices themselves.
  2. Wire the sensor(s) that you will monitor to the wireless devices.
  3. Apply power to all devices.
  4. Form the wireless network by binding the nodes to the D80 Performance Gateway.
  5. Verify that the devices communicate by observing the LED behavior on the devices.
  6. Configure anyI/O points to use the sensors connected to the nodes using the User Configuration Tool (UCT) software.
  7. Perform a site survey between the Gateway and Nodes to ensure the reliability of the network signals.
  8. Install any additional wireless sensor network components and you're good to go!

The D80 Performance Gateway is as easy to program as 1-2-3. Most setups can be accomplished by the user in the field using two thumbs and a screwdriver. However, more advanced setups may require some additional configuration, which can be accomplished using the User Configuration Tool (UCT). To download the most recent version of the UCT software and the software instruction manual, click the following links: User Configuration Tool Software and User Configuration Tool Instruction Manual.

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