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Four-Channel Digital-to-Analog Converter

Four-Channel Digital-to-Analog Converter

Categories: DLS Optional Equipment ,Legacy Products

The Four-Channel digital-to-analog converter is a solid-state, stand-alone interface board that polls a Model 1000 or Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor and outputs a 4-20mA analog signal for use by SCADA systems having only analog inputs available. This interface board can poll up to four digital level sensors and output up to four analog signals. The analog signal can output level or temperature data from a particular sensor.

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The DAC4 4-20 mA Converter is a solid state stand-alone device which polls the Model 1000 or Model 2100 Digital level sensor and outputs a 4-20 mA analog signal for use by other field data collection equipment. The intent is to enable the superior accuracy of the Digital Level Sensor to be used in a system which has only analog inputs. The Converter can poll up to four Digital Level Sensors and output up to four analog signals based upon data received from these sensors. Not all analog channels need to be used.

The Converter communicates to the Digital Level Sensors by means of an RS485 2- or 4-wire serial link set to 9600, E, 7, 1 on units with program rs485e7.out.

Note: Program rs485cvt is strictly 9600N81 and 4-wire.

By default, the communications are 4-wire RS485 to the DAC4. If 2-wire communications is required, simply jump the +TX/RX to +RX signals and the –TX/RX to –RX. The sensors should also be configured for 2-wire. The data obtained from the sensors is then converted to an analog signal and put out on one of four analog channels. The analog loop from the channel can be set up to either source power, or be powered by the host unit. The unit is programmed through a standard RS232 serial connection to a laptop computer.

Operating Specifications

Electrical Specifications:

  • Operating temperature range: -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C
  • Power Requirements: 12 to 15 VDC

Power Consumption

  • Standby 38 mA
  • During poll: 145 mA* (polling time=two second max)
  • Analog outputs: 20mA max per channel if unit sources loop power

*Power consumption does not include connected level sensors.

RS232 Port

  • Provided for configuration and diagnostics
  • 9600 or 1200 baud rate
  • Communicates using HyperTerminal or similar terminal emulation software using ASCII commands

RS485 Port

  • Two- or four-wire communications
  • Cycles power between polls

4-20mA Conversion Accuracy

  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Monotonicity: 16-bit minimum
  • Integral non-linearity: +/- 0.01% of FS max
  • Offset (4mA0 at 25 degrees C: +/- 0.01% of FS
  • Offset drift: +/- 0.25 ppm/degrees C
  • Total output error: +/- 0.2% if FS max
  • Total output drift: +/- 50 ppm/degrees C
  • VCC supply sensitivity: 50 mA/mV

*Except as limited by sensor and protocol resolution.