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High-Level Probe

High-Level Probe

Categories: Level Sensors

Electrolab’s High-Level Probe offers a single-point float switch for either high or low-level detection in liquid tanks. The unit mounts vertically through a female NPT port on the top of the tank. The size requirements for this port vary depending on the material used for the probe, fiberglass (left) or stainless steel (right). A side mount version of the High-Level Probe is available upon request for stainless steel tubes. An adjustable mounting grip provides for ease of installation. The High-Level Probe can be built to custom lengths. The float activates and maintains the output until the level returns to normal.

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The UL Certified, Intrinsically Safe, High-Level Probe incorporates discrete circuits of magnetic reed switches configured such that when the float is seated on the hose clamp, the switches are activated (closed). As the float rises (approximately 0.75” from the hose clamp), the switch will open indicating a “High” or alarm condition. This configuration is very useful in the event a wire is ever cut, indicating an open circuit.

Typical applications for the High-Level Probe include:

  • High-Level detection in oil and saltwater tanks
  • Control points for pumps
  • Liquid detection in containment areas


This consistently accurate and reliable sensor is not affected by electro-mechanical interference, tank turbulence or other environmental variables. After installation, Electrolab’s High-Level Probe is ready to monitor your tank levels.

Ongoing maintenance is practically non-existent—especially when coupled with our patented anti-paraffin treatment e9 Treatments. This optional oleophobic coating significantly reduces paraffin buildup on steel instrumentation and eliminates the issue of floats sticking and impacting measurement accuracy. Thus, cleaning of the High-Level Probe is rarely necessary.


  • 0.5 inch stainless steel (2” NPT female port)
  • 1.75 inch (OD) fiberglass (4” NPT female port). For caustic environments.

Length: Customer specified.