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Modbus Translator - Model 5020

Modbus Translator - Model 5020

Categories: DLS Optional Equipment

The 5020 Modbus translator converts ASCII protocol from our Digital Level Sensors (DLS) to Modbus RTU protocol.

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The Translator wires in between the SCADA unit and the sensors (through the Barrier board). The 5020 Modbus Translator searches for sensors connected to it at 9600 N81 baud rate (up to 16 sensors). This means it configures itself. The Modbus data can be in 16 bit unsigned format or 32 bit floating point format.

Features include:

  • Self-configuring
  • 9600 N 81 baud rate
  • Handles up to 16 sensors
  • 16-bit unsigned integer or 32-bit floating point format

Operating Requirements

Power Requirements: 17VDC maximum, 9VDC minimum, (sensors require 8 volts minimum at the sensor)

Power Consumption: 18mA in idle mode (LED green), 30mA maximum (LED orange)

Power Limit: 1 Ampere maximum (controlled by a resettable fuse)

Operating Temperature Range: -40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius